Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Service by QClean

When it comes to rug cleaning procedures, we at QClean provide a wide range of options, all of which are supported by rug manufacturers as the safest way for their particular rug type.

Our cleaning professionals have received extensive training in cleaning a variety of area rugs, ranging from daily wool rugs to ancient oriental rugs and everything in between. Oriental rug cleaning and Persian rug cleaning are exact and need a high level of ability. It is recommended that only true specialists perform this cleaning process because it includes a delicate balance of pH solutions.

At QClean, our rug cleaning specialists recognize and appreciate the significant amount of money you have spent on these prized works of art, and we can assure you that we will treat them with the same care and consideration that we would our own.

Rug steam cleaning is recommended for most carpets and rugs because it is one of the most effective cleaning procedures available today. And to make matters even better, it is entirely environmentally friendly, as it just uses hot water as a cleaning solution.

Hot water is pushed deep into the fibres of your area rug by our powerful truck-mounted cleaning machinery, stirring dirt, dust mites, and other contaminants to the surface of the carpet. Then, with the help of solid vacuums, all of this is sucked up (the result is a carpet that is pristine and free of any cleaning solution residue).

Get Rid of Stains

Stain removal for area rugs is a highly specialized operation that requires the same level of expertise as regular area rug cleaning. We have a selection of cleaning solutions tailored to each unique sort of stain on each type of carpeting.

Rug Cleaning

Some rugs can only be cleaned using a dry cleaning machine. Silk rugs and other varieties of carpets, for example, can withstand a certain amount of liquid. Even though you may be concerned that a dropped coffee mug or a track of grease from the garage has condemned your area rug to the trash can, we will use our expertise to remove the stains entirely or as much as we can (It is best to treat colour as quickly as you can, and making a call to a professional is the best idea).

Get Professional Cleaning

Many rugs are not suitable for general carpet cleaners, and many of them are entirely ineffective. In our experience at QClean, we have developed tried and proper procedures for cleaning many different types of stains from many different types of carpeting and rugs.

Because people have so many coupons for “low-cost” professional rug cleaning, it’s impossible to conceive that anyone could start a rug cleaning business.

One point of differentiation occurs when you find that they only offer one form of cleaning, no matter what type of rug you have on your floor.

If you are looking for rug cleaning services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with QClean to learn more about how they can fulfil your needs. Whatever type of carpet cleaning you require, whether it is wall-to-wall carpet cleaning or cleaning for your ancient oriental rugs, we will leave you completely satisfied with the outcomes.

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